Yahoo 域名管理方法


第二步,登陆后进到Yahoo WEBhosting的主页:,点击右上角的smallbussiness进入

再点击Domain Control Pannel,进入你的yahoo域名管理界面。


View/Edit Your Domain Registration 修改WHOIS信息
Manage your contact information and registration details.
Your information is PUBLIC. Learn more.

Forward Your Domain 域名转向
Send visitors to another web address automatically.

Manage Advanced DNS Settings修改A记录,DNS等。关键!
Create or modify advanced domain name records (such as MX records).

Edit Domain Locking 锁定/解锁域名
Your domain is currently unlocked. Learn more.

View Your Authorization Code 获取授权码,办理域名转出用的。

《Yahoo 域名管理方法》有1个想法

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